The semi-annual NAHB 20 Clubs Conference of Fall 2023 was hosted by Dehaan Remodeling Specialists in the picturesque city of Kalamazoo, MI. The event is a convergence of some of the brightest minds and seasoned professionals in the home remodeling industry. The business sessions we attended were designed to foster collaboration with the other members that you can’t really find anywhere else. Because we’re not in direct competition with each other, we are able to be candid with one another and discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly. Having this freedom allows us to work together to design an innovative plan for the future of our business and for the future of the remodeling industry. It’s the perfect place for the QPM team to learn from our peers so we can continue to get better at helping people come home to quality.

Day 1 Activities

Top 10 Marketing Ideas & Q&A for Remodelers

The NAHB 20 Club Conference kicked off with an engaging session dedicated to each member’s most innovative marketing ideas. We shared our tried-and-true tactics of what worked and allowed for open discussion throughout. Some ideas raised intriguing questions, and a couple even created a debate amongst the members that lasted for nearly an hour! Who knew social media could be so divisive? This dynamic format was the perfect start to the week. Not only did it get us energized, but it clarified doubts about specific topics and sparked new innovative ideas for each member (especially us) that left everyone with a refreshed marketing toolbox.

Factory Tours at Landscape Forms & Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

One of the unexpected highlights of the conference for us was the exclusive factory tours. QPM doesn’t focus our business on outdoor remodeling, but getting a firsthand look inside these factories was a treat. The first stop gave us an inside look at the operations of Landscape Forms, a metalwork industry leader in outdoor furnishings and lighting. They’re one of those businesses that, until someone tells you, you wouldn’t know that their influence is everywhere you look. When you go to schools, offices, parks, or anywhere else, you find metalwork furniture and fixtures, there’s a good chance that they came from or was designed by Landscape Forms.

Next, we were taken down the street to tour Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, where we got to see the magic behind their high-end grills and outdoor kitchen equipment. As we walked through the production areas, we were met with the sights and sounds of master craftsmen meticulously shaping, welding, and finishing pieces that are renowned for their durability and elegance. After seeing the intricate blend of artistry and engineering that goes into each product, we now know why the Grillmasters (aka dads) don’t let anyone else work the grill.

Day 2 Activities

Member Updates & Urgent Matters

Day 2 started on a more personal note. The main goal of the NAHB 20 Club is to allow remodelers who are in a highly competitive industry to relax a little and share their business practices to get constructive feedback. You might think we are overprotective, but here’s a quick example of why we typically don’t or can’t share. Let’s say we let our competitor know which carpenter we use for framing. If that competitor we are confiding in decides to start using our carpenter, now we have to play tug-of-war with the carpenter, which can cause scheduling, payment, and other issues. But let’s get back to the conference. During this time, the floor was opened to each member to share updates about their respective businesses. This could be anything from achievements, hiring, processes, etc., enabling members to learn from each other’s experiences. And if applicable, members had the opportunity to troubleshoot pressing issues that they are currently dealing with. It’s almost like we turn our businesses, which each have decades of experience, into ones with centuries of experience.

Dehaan Office Tour and Home Remodeling Tour

As part of the makeup of the NAHB 20 Club Conference, every instance of it is held at a different member’s location so that we all can see each other’s work. This time around, Dehaan Remodeling Specialists hosted the conference, so we got the customary tour of their office. This was complemented by a tour around the suburbs of Kalamazoo to see their recent home remodeling projects. We were awestruck by the level of detail, craftsmanship, and innovation on display. It made us proud to share membership in the club with them.

Day 3 Activities

Even More Member Updates & Urgent Matters

Recognizing the sheer volume of insights and updates members had to share, we carved out an additional session for it. This second round of updates was more of the same and continued the deep dives into each other’s businesses through member collaboration, brainstorming, and strategizing.

‘Parking Lot Discussion’ (2024 Goals and Accountability)

As the conference neared its conclusion, the focus shifted to future aspirations. The “Parking Lot Discussion” was a way for us to circle back on important items we mentioned earlier in the week, but at the time, it was not helpful to discuss. So, at this time, we brought those items back out for discussion. It ended up being exceedingly beneficial as it created a platform for members to outline their goals for 2024. And more than just a goal-setting exercise, this segment emphasized accountability, with members swearing a blood oath to each other to ensure they keep on track throughout the year.

Sponsor Presentations

Every conference has them, and thankfully, for us, we really do love the sponsors. Their high-quality products help make our remodels stand out from our competition.

Bosch and Thermador: Two giants in the home appliance industry, Bosch and Thermador, are known for their cutting-edge designs and energy-efficient solutions.

Schluter Systems: Pioneers in tile and stone installation systems, Schluter Systems brings to the table unmatched products that ensure durability and elegance in every bathroom remodel.

Generac: Powering homes and businesses with their state-of-the-art generators, Generac is recognized for its robust and reliable backup power solutions.

Andersen Windows & Doors: Andersen Windows & Doors is the gold standard. Their products ensure that every opening becomes a window to the world’s beauty or a doorway to cherished memories.

Getting Ready for 2024

This NAHB 20 Clubs Conference was a celebration of expertise, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the remodeling industry. Now it’s time to take the time to digest everything that we learned and put together a plan to incorporate it into QPM and move forward into 2024 with a full head of steam!

Before we end this post, we wanted to give three shout-outs to the hosts of the conference, Dehaan Remodeling Specialists. One, because they ensured that the conference was a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge sharing. Two, they provided an opportunity for the members to experience the charm and hospitality of Kalamazoo. And three, we wanted to wish the owner, Robert Dehaan, the best of luck in his retirement. He built an amazing remodeling business and we know that his sons, Brandon and Jordan, will take good care of the business.