Out with the Swing, in with the Slide

It’s looking like a big ‘swing and a miss’ for traditional swinging doors in 2023. While at this year’s IBS, we came across one of the biggest demonstrations we saw all week. The demo was run by a relatively new company called HDPocketDoors, showcasing its heavy-duty sliding door kits. While watching the demo, we saw just how easy it is to install and how sturdy their product is. Usually, with sliding doors, you’d have to go with lighter, lower-quality options, but with HDPocketDoors, you could install solid, high-quality doors up to 200 lbs. That’s amazing. So naturally, we couldn’t get enough of this product because we know this is something we can present to many of our clients in their home renovation projects.

This may have been the third or fourth demo that day, and so many people were still trying to get a look.

The Appeal of Pocket Doors

Everyone is always looking for ways to make their lives easier and more efficient. And for many homeowners looking to renovate (by adding a laundry room, half bath, pantry, or any other small room), one problem is the need for a door that takes up minimal space. Hence the pocket door frame. The pocket door frame is designed to be installed into the wall, allowing the door to slide into the wall when not in use. This creates more space in the room, as the door does not need to be opened or closed, freeing up valuable floor space (about 10 sqft).

Testing Out HDPocketDoors

Pocket door frames by HDPocketDoors are the perfect solution for our clients looking for a space-saving and functional doorway solution. Their frames are designed to be strong, durable, and long lasting, making them an ideal choice for heavier metal or wood doors. We tried recording their demo at IBS, but we haven’t gotten around to hiring an AV guy yet, so the audio on our video was pretty bad. But because we like this product so much, we wanted to share with you a video we found highlighting the ease of installation. If, after watching the video, you still want more information on this company, you can head over to their website at www.heavydutypocketdoorframes.com.



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