It’s not crazy if it works!

If you’ve ever been our client, you know we are a little crazy (in a good way) about protecting your home during our remodeling. And at this year’s IBS, we found a new company called Protective Products that shares our craziness love of protecting our client’s homes. They produce almost everything you can think of to protect your home (hence their very fitting name). Protective Products has the home covered from carpet protection to ZipWalls, dust control, and lead-safe RRP. But they had one standout product that we wanted to highlight here, FlexJamb.

Jambs never looked so good

FlexJamb is a revolutionary product designed to provide superior protection to door jambs. It is a flexible, adjustable, and durable door jamb system made from paperboard. It offers unparalleled strength while also being extremely easy to install because of its flexibility. It can be easily adjusted to fit any door opening, regardless of size or shape. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to properly protect a doorway using the traditional method. FlexJambs are going to save our team a lot of time and, more importantly, ensure our client’s doors are protected.